If you have children, you know they are incredibly wonderful creatures who make life magical... and who make you look so very tired all the time.

Mike Julianelle, the man behind the blog Dad and Buried, shared a post on his Instagram account with side-by-side photos of himself, before and after having kids.

His Instagram account "Got Toddlered" was already popular for showcasing things children had ruined and now it is focusing on one particular thing kids affect: their parents' appearance.

"Obviously, it's meant to be lighthearted, and no one is seriously blaming their children for the state of their faces or lives," he told the Huffington Post.


"Except for me when I seriously blame my kids for the state of my face and my life, which is basically all I do on my blog and Facebook page and Twitter."

His goal, he says, is to show that it is ok to be open and honest about the downsides of parenthood.

Since posting his own before and after photos, the father-of-two from New York has been flooded with submissions from parents proving it happens to everyone.

Ah, parenthood. What a wonderful, exhausting thing.