Mothers have entered a heated debate over whether it's ever acceptable to don pyjamas on the school run, with some saying they do it every day and others dubbing the habit "disgusting".

One mother sparked the debate when she took to to Mumsnet to ask if dropping the children to school in pyjamas was a faux pas, with her post receiving nearly 300 responses, some from apparently incensed mums.

One woman immediately responded to say she throws a fleece over her pjyamas every morning to drop the children off at the school gates, and while other mothers admitted they did the same, others weren't impressed by the suggestion of pjs in public.

Another lady chimed in to dub women who have been known to nip out in their nightwear "minging, lazy and gross", telling them to "get a grip".


"Pyjama mama = scummy mummy," she wrote. "What next fags and curlers on the school run?"

Some women took the middle ground, saying that they don't judge others who do it - but insisting they themselves never could.

One lady wrote: "I'm embarrassed when I have my scruffs on, I couldn't bear wearing PJ's to school, I'm not as snobby as I sound."