A creepy new trend, inspired by Trump and set to "make Halloween great again" has sprouted across social media: "Trumpkins".

The trend is simple enough, simply grab a pumpkin, as orange as possible, and carve a Trump-like face, topping it off with some trademark "hair", or a red hat.

Social media has been sent into a frenzy with people carving up their interpretations of the US President in pumpkin form.

With Halloween just around the corner the hashtag #trumpkin has already picked up well over 12,000 posts on Instagram alone.


While some clearly find the Trumpkin trend hilarious, others aren't so sure.

Caruccim posted on Instagram: "Not as orange or grotesque as the real thing, but still too close for comfort."

While dav7mx commented that "Trumpkin" was the "scariest #pumpkin ever".

Here are some of our favourites:

Last night my daughter and her friends carved our pumpkin. Yep, they carved a #Trumpkin #HappyHalloween

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It's that time of year... halloweenies everywhere! #trumpkin #sorrynotsorry #jackassolantern

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I present The Trumpkin

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