We can fancy it up as much as we like but, truly, there's no simpler meal than a peanut butter sandwich.

So it's easy to see how social media users were left confused when a mum claimed this "brilliant hack" could make peanut butter sandwiches quicker and easier to make.

A video starring mum and food blogger Bev Weidner, author of the blog Bev Cooks, was posted on Instagram by the Food Network, claiming to include the recipe (we use the word "recipe" very loosely here) for easy peanut butter sandwiches.

It includes creating what Weidner calls "peanut butter slices". It goes something like this:


1. Spread peanut butter across parchment paper
2. Fold over the paper and roll it out with a rolling pin
3. Put it in the freezer overnight
4. Take it out of the freezer in the morning
5. Cut squares out of the frozen peanut block
6. Place the frozen peanut squares onto the bread

The one obvious upside of this hack is that it gives you plenty of time to re-evaluate all the life choices that led you to turn peanut butter sandwiches into a two-day process.

Weidner defends her "recipe" saying it stops you tearing the bread while spreading the peanut butter.

The internet thought this was just nuts.

"Ahhh the classic 24hr pb sandwich ..." one commenter posted.

"This is why the elderly hate millennials," another Instagram user said.

The video was also posted to The Food Network Facebook page where it has been viewed more than 6 million times and received thousands of comments.

"I feel like it's a problem the people on infomercials have; try to spread peanut butter, bread tears, knock jar out of window, kitchen catches on fire, car explodes," someone posted.


"If you have trouble slicing an apple, just put it in the freezer, until it's completely frozen, then throw it against a wall. It'll smash into a thousand pieces. Just simply sweep them up and hey presto, easy to eat apple slices," another commenter said.