Mason Barclay, who describes himself as a "very homosexual male", wanted to attend a sleepover at his best friend's house.

Knowing that boys are not normally allowed to attend teen girls' sleepovers, the teen boy decided to send his friend's mum a polite text message, asking if she'd let him attend.

"I am one of Houston's best friends," he wrote to Houston's mum. "If she had people over on Friday, would I, a very homosexual male, be able to take part in the sleepover?"

He carried on explaining why he should attend: "I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, when in this case, I do not like the opposite sex."


He was not expecting Houston's mum's hilarious open-minded response.

"Hmm. Well, my husband is hot. Should I worry?" she replied.

The internet loved her response.

The Herald hasn't been able to confirm whether the sleepover ended up happening on Friday night and whether or not Houston's dad is, in fact, hot.