Looking skinny in a pair of jeans just got easier with a line of denim that claims to slim a wearer's figure with contouring.

Yep, contouring usually refers to makeup as made famous by Kim Kardashian. But now, Lee Jeans has launched the "Body Optix" collection, a line of 16 denim items designed with laser technology to enhance the body with age-old optical illusions and lighting principles, reports News.com.au.

"This collaboration between designers and scientists, you see this all the time at Apple, you see it at Tesla, but you don't see it in our industry and I think it's really the future; it's very exciting," said Steve Zades, transformational innovation spokesman at VF Corporation's Cognitive and Design Lab.

Zades added: "Once the consumer sees the benefit of these optical designs - they are going to want to see it delivered in lots of ways," noting that in this Instagram-obsessed era, these fashion-forward looks are going to be more desirable than ever.


Ultimately, if this denim can truly deliver, perhaps all of our thinning photo apps will become a thing of the past.

Initially launched in Asia, Forbes magazine states that Lee's Body Optix styles will be available in Europe in March 2018, before a wider expansion the following year.