Anyone who suffers from bloating knows how uncomfortable - and unflattering - it can be.

But one blogger is convinced she's found a cure for the irritating ailment - and showed her followers the results in stark before and after photos.

Chessie King, 24, from London, posted side-by-side shots of her before and after having a salty bath - and claims she dropped inches in the process, reports Daily Mail.

Chessie explained that she had a 38 degree 20-minute bath using some magnesium salts 20 minute Body Boost Bath Prep by Body On Demand.


According to the brand's website, the Β£9.99 (NZD $18) product is made of magnesium chloride and natural sugars.

Makers claim they help you eliminate up to 3lbs of water from your body by driving out sweat, toxins and unnecessary water weight through diffusion, a process which naturally happens when your body is submerged in hot and highly concentrated salt water.

"The salt bath prep enables anyone to expunge between 1-3lbs of subcutaneous water from the body. Salt lowers the boiling point of water, therefore, you are able to sweat more in more temperate baths than in normal water, naturally driving out more sweat from your skin (and therefore toxins) from your body through this natural process," says the brand's founder.

Countless celebrities swear by salt baths because they apparently enable your body to function in an optimum state, reducing inflammation and improving hydration.

Chessie explained to FEMAIL that she suffers with severe bloating, saying: "For me, my trigger can be anything. It's 1 of 1000 things but I've learnt over the years how to comfort it, what to avoid and how to cope with it.

"I suffer on holiday the most, this year in Ibiza there was one day where we had loads of yummy fresh juices and smoothies for breakfast but my tummy did not like it for some reason - and hey presto - super bloated & bent over in pain.

"We all have different triggers for bloating be it food, drink or time of the month - for me it is all of the above, with no pattern to it.

"Since I've started talking about my struggle with bloating I've noticed that so many people suffer from it too, people message me thanking me because not many people speak up. My instagram has now become a place for people to share their experiences, troubles and I love that everyone helps and supports one another!"

Chessie says she loves using the product before an event where she has to wear a "super huggy" dress - and claims the effects can last up to 48 hours.

The benefits of salt baths

Chessie used the 20 minute Body Boost Bath Prep by Body On Demand. Photo / asos
Chessie used the 20 minute Body Boost Bath Prep by Body On Demand. Photo / asos

Salt's healing properties were discovered in the early 17th century when a farmer living near Epsom, Surrey, discovered a spring rich in magnesium sulphate.

Bathing in salts helps to reduce water retention and tummy bloating, says life coach Janey Holliday of Making Life Easy. She recommends a bath three times a week in a dilution of two mugs of salts per bath.

Because our skin is porous, reverse osmosis takes place, which means toxins and excess fluids are drawn out of the skin as the goodness goes in.

The end result is a flattened tummy. No wonder, then, that a salt bath is popular with models the night before a bikini or lingerie photoshoot.

Victoria Beckham reportedly takes such baths to streamline her figure.

"I love Epsom salts baths to detox, revive muscles and de-puff my skin," says Gwyneth Paltrow.

Celebrity trainer James Duigan, who works with Elle Macpherson, recommends using a body brush to stimulate the skin and open the pores before a 20-minute soak in an Epsom salts bath.