This is the type of list every dad should own.

An Australian father has been building a list of amazing rules to live by for his sons which he calls a "code of conduct".

The list has become so important to the family, it's the first thing Adam Johnson's sons, 15, and 8 respectively, see as they open their door every morning, reports

"A father's job is to be your father first, your mate second," a note to his boys reads.
"It can be difficult for both of us at times; but it's for good reason, and it will change. On going and ever evolving, like you boys."


The list includes classic life lessons including: "You can leave a beer unfinished; but never miss your shout" and "you can tell the size of a man by the size of the things that bother him".

Other favourites include: "Contact your mother every week; without exception" and "Buy a plunger before you need a plunger and keep a change of shirt at the ready; be prepared."

Mr Johnson, from the Sunshine Coast, told that in November 2015, he saw a similar list published online and decided he should replicate one for his own family.

"I did that because my parents died when I was young and I didn't have a set of rules in which to learn from," Mr Johnson told

"So you find yourself without a set of rules and gravitating towards whoever it is that will accept you in life and not all the people that will accept you all the time are greatly influential in a positive way."

"Go after women that you perceive to be 'out of your league'. You'll surprise yourself mate," reads one of the lines. Photo / News Corp Australia

Mr Johnson said that when he was young he found himself "in a world full of trouble" and then "all of a sudden found myself with a lovely wife and daughter".

"I thought, 'well I better start behaving myself' and later in life, after my sons were born, I thought I better give them a little wisdom for when I fall off the perch one day."

Mr Johnson says as his the boys walk out of their room, the list is the first thing they see in a frame. He gave it to his eldest son as a typed document on his sixteenth birthday.

"I said, 'here you go mate'."

The list, called The Johnson Boys Code of Conduct, is designed to be fluid.

"It's allowed to change, things are allowed to drop out and more things are allowed to come in."

He says the oldest rule on the list "is the most important rule: Never raise a hand or mentally abuse a woman". His favourite, though, is "if you see someone with a medal you buy them a beer even if you can't afford one yourself".

"You gotta show people respect sometimes and if they're wearing a medal, they've earned your respect.

"Whether you know them or not and whether you understand what they've been through or not, they deserve it."