A new study has revealed that a massive 80 per cent of women can't orgasm from penetrative sex.

The research, conducted by Indiana University's School of Public Health and published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, aimed to fill the gap between public understanding of female orgasms and actual scientific evidence.

According to News.com.au: "The study results challenge the mistaken, but common, notion that there are universal 'sex moves that work' for everyone," said the author Brian Dodge.

"On the other hand, the data also make clear that there are certain styles of touch that are more commonly preferred by women, emphasising the value of studying sexual pleasure - and not just sexual problems".


Researchers spoke to a representative sample of 1055 women between that were aged between 18 and 94, and recorded their personal preferences.

The results showed that just 18 per cent of women were able to have an orgasm from penetrative sex, whereas 75 per cent reported other forms of stimulation was necessary to get them over the line.