If you are struggling to shed those last couple kilos, then you may want to try eating a raisin very slowly.

While it may sound like one of the strangest weight loss tips ever, this advice actually comes from an expert in mental-health nutrition, Leslie Korn, Ph.D.

The author of The Good Mood Kitchen, swears that chewing on a single raisin for a couple of minutes can help stop your hunger pangs.

Korn states that those wanting to try the hack should pick up a raisin and first feel it's texture on their fingers and allow their mouth to water before placing it on their tongue.


Once the raisin is on your tongue, you should explore the surface before you slowly begin to chew.

When swallowing, simply imagine the fruit travelling to the stomach and ask yourself "What does my body really need?"

Korn told the New York Post: "The raisin exercise couples our awareness with our ability to exert control over our 'automatic' reactions."

In simpler terms, it stops the impulse to consume an entire bag of potato chips, or pot of icecream if you are feeling stressed.

Korn states this spurs a chemical relaxation response that is known as parasympathetic dominance.

When this takes place, heart and breathing rates slow and levels of the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter called GABA rise.

Korn suggests that a raisin is best because of it's dynamic texture, however she also states that a small bite of anything, including chocolate would also work.