It's the age-old potion for a chesty cough and blocked nose but Vicks Vaporub has plenty more uses than simply relieving congestion.

Fans of the over-the-counter decongestant, which has been curing people's ailments for over 100 years, have shared some other, rather unconventional uses, reports the Daily Mail.

From curing insect bites to beating stretch marks, people have been taking to social media to share the curious but apparently effective uses for the odiferous ointment.

1. To soothe cracked heels:

Slathering the ointment on your feet and toes and then popping on your socks overnight will cure your chesty cough as well as treat your dry and cracked skin.


2. Treating Athlete's foot:

If your nails are turning yellow due to a fungal infection, rubbing some VapoRub over your toes will help kill the fungus. Experts recommend applying the ointment for two weeks to fully clear the infection.

3. Beat stretch marks:

Pregnant women swear by the lotion for helping to fade unsightly stretch marks.

4. Homemade slimming cream:

Other women claim there's a handy paste you can make at home to help slim you down.

They swear by mixing half a jar of Vicks VapoRub with one tablespoon of crushed tablet camphor, one tablespoon of baking soda, and one tablespoon of alcohol and slathering it over your body and covering up with cling film. After washing it off, they claim they feel and look less bloated.

5. Stop your cats scratching:

There's nothing worse than your feline friends wrecking your new furniture but popping some transparent cream to surfaces near your furniture will prevent this. Cats apparently detest the smell and will steer well clear.

The same goes for training your pets to urinate outside or in their kitty litter. If they continue to urinate in the same area - like on a carpet - the Vicks will put them off that specific area.

6. Prevent insect bites:

If you're jetting off on holiday, slather some Vicks onto your skin to ward off mosquitoes; they hate the odour. Likewise, if you get bitten, use the ointment to cure irritating bites.

7. Curing headaches:

The menthol notes will release tension and unblock pressure in your head that causes headaches.

8. Cure small cuts:

If you get a pesky paper cut, splinter or sore broken nail, rub some Vicks on to speed up the recovery.