September 1 is an exciting day all around: it marks the start of Spring in New Zealand and it's also Random Acts of Kindness Day.

This is your excuse to spread some joy and do a bit of good for others. If you're out of ideas, read on: we've compiled a list of 10 ways you can spread kindness on RAK Day.

1. Buy a coffee for a stranger.
When you go out for your morning brew, how about paying for the coffee for the person behind you in the queue? Look, it even rhymed so it's obviously a good idea.

2. Pay a compliment to a stranger.
You know how we sometimes walk past someone on the street and think "that's a great coat!"? Tell them so.


3. Text a friend who hasn't heard from you in a while.

4. Introduce yourself to the neighbours. You can take some biscuits with you and you'll probably become their new favourite person.

5. If you have a spouse and/or children, place a note on one of their drawers for them to find. It is guaranteed to make them smile.

6. Give blood
7. Sort through your closet and drawers and donate stuff (in good condition) that you don't need. You know there's quite a bit of it.

8. Support a Kickstarter project or a givealittle campaign.

9. Make a loan to an entrepreneur in the developed world. If you can't make a donation, make a loan. You'll get your money back while still helping someone.

10. Bring in a sweet treat for your office mates (are you reading this, office mates?)

Bonus: Be kind to yourself. Too often we are harsher on ourselves than we'd ever be on a friend or relative. Give yourself a break - you're doing great!