By Carly Stern

A Japanese company is selling what might be one of the most uncomfortable and impracticable pieces of jewelry ever dreamed up.

BoDivas, based in Tokyo, is offering the strange item, which they call the 'Beachtail' and describe as 'sexy charms for bikini crotch'.

The metallic charms are meant to be worn through the crotch of bikini bottoms, so the decorations dangle between a woman's legs.


The company oddly calls the jewelry 'classy' and 'very original', adding that besides in bikini bottoms, they can also be worn with panties, thongs, tangas, and shorts.

Each piece features a metal chain loop that is made up of half large, chunky links - which are meant to be worn inside underwear or bikini bottoms - and half more delicate links, which drape underneath the crotch on the outside.

There are also two loose chains that dangle between the legs, with some designs featuring gems on the ends.

The chains hang down 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) and are made of rhodium silver-plated brass.

The jewelry ranges in price from $19.50 to $22.50, and the company promises that the item is listed as a 'fashion strap' on customs forms.

BoDivas also sells other sexual body jewelry, including nipple rings, nipple 'nooses', and clitoris clips, which are clearly all meant for private wear.

And while the crotch charms might make sense in the bedroom, the company clearly suggests that this jewelry can be worn in public, too.

Unsurprisingly, though the crotch charms are available to buy on both Amazon and Etsy, no buyer has yet to leave a review.