A podcast host may have found the tools for living a happy life.

After talking with nearly 200 psychologist, mindfulness teachers and life coaches, Eric Zimmer, host of The One You Feed podcast, found that happiness takes far more than positive thinking, reports the Daily Mail.

"We have a choice in our lives, in our behaviour, and in our thoughts, as to what we want to focus on and what type of people we want to be," Zimmer said to Business Insider.

He went go on to list meditation, ceasing phone zombie scrolling, and playing the alphabet game as ways folks can make constant efforts to live their best lives.


According to Zimmer, daily meditation helps keep folks present, focused and empathetic - even if it is just for a few minutes a day.

"Happiness is predicated on being aware," he said.

"It's important to start training that muscle."

For beginners, sitting quietly in a space may be the way to go but Zimmer does say that other activities can be done while meditating.

The host also thinks that constantly scrolling and binge watching also contribute to decreased happiness.

He said: "We have a natural desire to distract ourselves with our phones, which is not always a bad thing, but you should be consuming something you care about.

"The more we are conscious about how we spend our time and do things that matter to us, the more content we will be."

Setting alarms and random check-ins can help people keep themselves accountable.

Finally, Zimmer recommends the alphabet game for people with a lot of negative thoughts.

The game is simple - just name things that are appreciative starting with the letter A and then go until Z.

Zimmer adds that it is great for getting out of unhealthy patterns.

"It brings your brain back and can be more effective than just positive thinking. The puzzle aspect helps gratitude stick more," he said.