We have a slight taco takeover this week but I don't think anyone will have a problem with that. Tacos have moved right in and made themselves a regular feature in most New Zealand homes, thanks to slick operators such as Lucky Taco broadening our horizons beyond the mince, cheese and tomato of old.

Kathy Paterson's soft tortillas with smoked fish, herbs and green apple make a quick weeknighter, Aaron Brunet's pulled jackfruit is more complex and exciting for those following a plant-based diet. I have never cooked with jackfruit but I am intrigued and it will be interesting to see what my pork-lover thinks of this taco meal when it's served up to him this weekend.

Now that we have welcomed winter, Geoff Scott's cream of cauliflower and blue cheese soup, smoked hock, carrot and kale broth and roast garlic and butternut soup will be useful recipes. The spice rack also comes in to its own in winter to pump up the warmth and flavour of meals and Ray McVinnie has gorgeous ideas on how to put more spice in your life.

On the sweet front Allyson Gofton is buttering us up with a butter, walnut and lemon syrup cake. But first, sit back and let Peter Gordon transport you to Venice for the Biennale where he cooked a dinner showcasing New Zealand produce.