We hate to break it to you but the avolatte's infuriating reign as the ultimate in bizarre coffee trends has ended, knocked off its perc by another vege cum coffee creation: the carrot-cino.

This latest concoction is from Sydney cafe Locals Corner in Seaforth. A quick trawl of the cafe's Instagram feed reveals when it comes to putting coffee in things that aren't cups, this is not their first rodeo.

"We just like doing different things, we've being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different," cafe owner Vanja told Daily Mail Australia.

Not surprisingly, the carrot-cino does have some flaws: Coffee easily leaks from the edible vessel and, due to its narrow shape, is unable to hold much coffee at all.


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The owner says they're well aware of the creation's impracticalities admitting that the carrot-cino was created as a bit of fun rather than a practical option for coffee consumption.

"It would be very hard to drink out of because it doesn't hold coffee well."


It may not be practical, or spill proof, but it's certainly a way to get some attention.