If you ask Jack Aiden what he's got for lunch, six days out of seven the answer will be a large double cheeseburger combo with steamed buns, no onions and no pickles, "just how god intended it to be," according to the 18-year-old photography student from Palmerston North.

While he doesn't consider it an addiction, he says it's a habit that's escalated since he landed his part time job as a telemarketer two years ago, finding the convenience and cost too appealing to pass up.

"It was $6.80. I go through the drive-thru and I'm in and out in five minutes. My dad encourages me to try and eat healthier. My mates, they all think it's hilarious.

"For the money, I think it's the best," he says, adding that he never deviates from his double cheeseburger choice. "I've never liked onions or pickles. A mate suggested I try the steamed buns. It changed my life."


But this week Aiden has found his daily meal in the spotlight after his post on McDonald's Facebook page went viral.

Starting his message with "Evening, Ronald", revealing he has spent an estimated $4243.20 in two years on his combos and going on to express his disappointment over a mistaken price hike, the post quickly garnered 15,000 reactions and 235 shares.

Aiden says he was prompted to make the post after a recent roll through the drive-thru saw him charged $8.10, up from the usual $6.80.

"At the window, I questioned the price increase. The girl said, 'Looks like it's right.' I felt like I'd followed the right process by asking them. After that I decided to post on their page."

Evening, Ronald. For the last 2 years up until today, 6 out of 7 days a week I would go to my local McDonald's here in...

Posted by Jack Aidem on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Aiden has since been contacted by the Palmerston North McDonald's on Rangitikei St and told there was an error with the store's till. They explained there has been a price increase on the meal of 30 cents, not $1.30.

Offered a refund of the erroneous amount, Aiden went in to the store to collect his dollar.

"Then the manager came out and said, 'Cause I'm such a nice guy I'll give you a full refund and send you some vouchers.'"

Aside from a bit of flack from his dad over the health implications of eating Macca's six days a week, Aiden says after adding up what he's spent on burgers and now with the 30 cent increase, he is reconsidering his combos.


"I did the maths. Now when I think about it I'm like, 'Whoa, okay.' While I understand the price rise, I get inflation, [an extra 30 cents is] a bit of an encouragement to change my habit."

What is you worst food habit? Join the conversation:

McDonalds 6 days a week. Do you have a bad food habit?

Posted by NZH Lifestyle on Wednesday, 24 May 2017