Madam Woo's has an online ordering system but it does require you sign up and log in. It's good - easy to customise orders, add this, deduct that - but so is checking the online menu and ringing them. Friendly vibe on the phone, you leave a name and pay when you pick up. Fifteen minutes was all it took, the food was ready when we arrived.


Apparently they're noticing a big upswing in takeout orders as the colder weather hits. Makes sense - Madam Woo's take on Malaysian street food is comforting and filling - great for winter evenings. There's other influences at play too - Chinese, Portuguese and Indian - a crispy fried chicken tikka is a recent addition - but it's the pork hawker rolls ($14) we return for - slow-braised pork, served in a sweet, buttery roti, the richness cut with pickled cucumber and onion, chilli, spring onion and coriander - messy and marvellous. Each dish comes in Madam's own individually packaged eco-friendly boxes.


It's a short walk to Takapuna Beach, which can be great for an impromptu autumn picnic in the early evening.


Along with the hawker rolls we also ordered the honey and soy tossed squid ($18), the Malaysian spiced chicken salad ($17) - cucumber strips, cabbage, peanuts, chilli and lime dressing - and some jasmine rice ($3). The squid stole the show, sweet, moreish - just watch you don't eat one of the chillies. Total bill for two: $66.

Greg Fleming


Madam Woo
486 Lake Rd, Takapuna
Ph: (09) 489 4601
Open: Lunch from noon, dinner 5.30pm-10pm