A woman who bravely removed her wig midway through meeting a potential love match for the first time has been praised by First Dates viewers.

Eve, a beauty therapist from Bridgend in Wales, left those watching - and her date Jordan, also from Wales - shocked after she whipped off her wig to reveal her tattooed scalp underneath.

Viewers said Eve looked 'more beautiful' without her wig and applauded her for showing her true self during the date.

It had been a conventional start for the pair. The beauty therapist said she was looking for a man with tattoos and "somebody solid who can chuck me over their shoulder" - and in walked the handsome teaching assistant - with said body art in place.


Eve explained to barman Merlin Griffiths that she'd been single for over three years because she was 'too nice' and let men walk all over her.

"I don't think I've ever been treated right. I do think boys use me because they think I have nothing else going for me."

She added that suffering taunts at school led her to a career in beauty therapy: "One of the main reasons I wanted to do beauty was I went through school, I was bullied and all that."

So when Jordan explained to the cameras that he was ready to fall in love and settle down with someone who has a 'great energy' viewers thought their date would be a storming success.

They initially clicked over their matching denim outfits and bonded even more over their own insecurities, with Jordan encouraging Eve to keep her wig off when she told him she had alopecia.

She explained: "My parents had to save really hard for me to have nice hair. My dad worked so hard, he drew on my first set of eyebrows. I'd love someone like my dad, maybe a bit taller..."

Jordan told a blushing Eve - who has a floral tattoo on her bald head - that she looked 'beautiful' and 'unique' and it was as though Cupid had struck as he gushed over how much he liked her.

Just moments before their date he was seen describing his perfect woman.

"I haven't got a type, if the energy's right when you meet somebody, they could have a bald head, you know? I'm not bothered in the end, it's the personality that counts."

As Eve nipped to the toilet, she explained to the cameras that her condition had been 'really hard' growing up and she found it difficult to trust male intentions.

When the pair met after their date, Jordan shared how keen he was to see Eve again.

However, she didn't feel the same: "I think romantically, I don't think it was there for me.

"You're such a nice guy, open, warm kind of person, it's nice, it's refreshing. I'm not used to nice guys so for me it was strange..."

"So why push them away?" Jordan questioned.

"I don't know, I guess that is the question that most girls would ask themselves," Eve reasoned before adding, "I wouldn't have picked anyone else to have done this with."

"But you would have picked someone else you would fall in love with if you had a choice!" Jordan laughed back.