Move over Dads, today is a day to celebrate Mums' humour.

To mark Mother's Day this year several high profile Kiwi mums have shared their favourite 'Mum jokes' (similar to the 'Dad' variety, but not as dry) and their best tips on how be funny with the Herald on Sunday.

Stand up comedian Urzila Carlson said the funniest joke she ever learnt from her mum went like this: "Divorce only happens because dads won't drink the poison! Mums would much rather be widows than divorcees".

The South African-born star of Three's comedy show 7 Days, who now has two kids over her own with wife Julie, recalled her mum telling her the adage when she was 7-years-old - long before Carlson started making a living by being funny herself.


It was important keep jokes short and personal, Carlson said.

"It should make you laugh and also strike fear into your listeners. The people you tell the joke to should almost wonder if you would try it with them."

Nutritionist and personal trainer Lee-Anne Wann is best known for helping Kiwis, including the Vodafone Warriors, stay healthy but she also has a pretty good sense of humour - at least she thinks so.

"I'm one of those people who can't stop laughing at their own joke, so I'm already in tears before I even finish the joke," she told the Herald on Sunday.

"The other person just starts laughing more at me than the joke, so I get a great response whether it's funny or not.

"It's a must to be funny and laughing - I just can't take myself too seriously otherwise I'll miss those magic moments that life is all about," Wann said.

Her favourite joke? "How do you make a hanky dance?. Put a little boogie in it."

Deputy Prime Minister and mum-of-one Paula Bennett said the key to cracking people up was to "fully commit" to your joke and "have a big laugh ready to go".

She told the Herald on Sunday her favourite mum joke was: "Inside of me is a skinny girl dying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with chocolate and wine".

Newstalk ZB news reader Bernadine Oliver-Kerby said potty jokes kept her two young daughters in stitches.

"A sure winner is if you put one of the following words in it: poo, wee, fart. Forget the content of the joke, you'll have them laughing at the word 'poo'."

Oliver-Kerby said "I'm warning you. If you fall out of that tree and break both your legs, don't come running to me" was one of her go-to jokes.