There's nothing quite as fun - or as infuriating - as a food fad.

First it was cronuts ... because why would you have a doughnut or croissant on its own when their love child tastes sooo much sweeter?

Then we decided a simple cup of coffee wasn't good enough, and needed to be deconstructed. Thank f*** that only lasted a month.

Now, it's all about blending a unicorn in with your burger. Because it's 2017 and nobody wants a beige bun.


Sydney's Bar Luca has jumped on the colour wheel, and while their "galaxy" themed burger is to promote Star Wars week - it's clearly crossing into our current colour obsession.

The burger, dubbed the "Return of the Chedi" will be flipping just in time for Star Wars day on May 4.

The purple and blue "milky" bun is filled with a beef patty, American cheese, triple-smoked cheese kransky, red cheddar-cheese sauce, pickles and spicy ketchup.

Speaking to Broadsheet, Bar Luca's owner Sarah Robbins said coming up with the burger concept had been a lot of fun, including the creation of the buns.

"Our amazing baker does them [the galaxy buns] at St Malo," Robbins said.

"He [dyes the dough] all the different colours, folds them together and then they get rolled out. "Some people complain 'there's not enough galaxy in my bun', but they are all different. A lot of them are just blue on outside, but open them up and the colours are whirled in.

"When we do rainbow or galaxy burgers, we get queues. We know it's going to blow up."
But it's not just burgers getting creative with colour.

Coffee, ice-cream, bagels, cheese toasties and even spaghetti have all partnered with pastel, and attempted to make a great food even greater by injecting glitter and galaxy into the ingredient list.

Just last month, Starbucks launched a variation to their range of Frappuccinos by creating a colour-changing beverage with 76 grams of sugar.

The drink, which doesn't even contain coffee, starts as a purple drink with blue swirls that tastes sweet and fruity, before changing to pink with a tangy and tart taste with a stir of the straw.

But before My Little Pony went for a fateful dip in a blender, the world worshipped rainbow bagels.

Born in New York, the psychedelic rainbow bagel swept social media in 2016. The bagels, made famous by Scot Rossillo, from Brooklyn's The Bagel Store in the US, spent 20 years perfecting the neon bread.

Thanks to Scot, a worldwide obsession with colour followed suit.