A great-grandmother of 68 and one of Britain's best known older models have posed in seductive lingerie for a new campaign celebrating ageless beauty.

Pam Lucas, 67, who took up modelling in her 50s, joined 68-year-old Lina to pose for London-based lingerie brand Playful Promises, reports the Daily Mail.

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"Lina is a great-grandmother, and we asked her to model for us as she appeared so playful, which perfectly encompasses our brand," founder Emma Parker explained.


"I love this. Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you don't have a playful side.

"She still works full time at the front of house in a City bank, despite being 68. She was initially quite shy, but when she posed she really got into role and modelled just how girls a fraction of her age do - the beauty shone through."

The campaign sees Lina confidently pose in a red cut-out bra and slip skirt with suspenders and playful bunny ears.

In another shot, she looks the epitome of a blonde bombshell in a black bustier, complimenting the look with a classic red lip.

Emma set up Playful Promises when she was 28 and said her own experience of ageing inspired her to create the campaign, saying she's only now beginning to understand the power of lingerie for older women.

"At 41 I don't have the power of youth that I once had," she said.

"At 28 I couldn't really imagine a 41-year-old woman having sex or being interested in lingerie, but alas I have arrived at 41 and don't feel that differently sexually than I did at 28.

"I have slowed down a bit, which is only natural as my hormones are changing. This has led me to reconsider how I relate to my own brand. I suddenly realised how much I had been participating in our culture's obsession with youth as the ideal.

"I am sorry that I didn't realise this sooner, and that it is only my own experience that has widened my horizons."

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The campaign is the latest sign that after decades of being ignored by the fashion and advertising industries, increasing numbers of mature models are gracing the catwalks and pages of glossy magazines as marketing companies have woken up to their vast commercial potential.

Women who are 50-plus, trim and attractive can earn anything from £200 to thousands of pounds for a couple of days' work.

At 172cm and a slender size eight to ten, with stunning long silver hair, Pam Lucas has found herself in vogue.

Divorced from the father of her son, Dan, now in his 30s, she dedicated herself to taking care of him as a single parent until he went to university. At 51, she signed with the agency Ugly, which specialises in character models.

"I'd wanted to model when I was a teenager, but my mum wasn't keen on the idea and I went to university instead," she said.

"I studied Italian and French, but after Dan was born, I could only do part-time admin jobs. When he went off to university, I was working for a voluntary organisation and my boss was a lawyer who'd represented modelling agencies.

"He kept telling me I should be a model, so one day I called Ugly and asked them if they'd be interested in a middle-aged woman."

Pam has since taken to the catwalk at London Fashion Week, appeared in Vogue and worked on campaigns for Oxfam, Vodafone and Ted Baker.