It may be just a brief moment in time, but a lot can happen in a single minute.

From births and deaths, to thousands of hours of Netflix watched, a new video from Asap Science reveals just how much takes place in a span of only 60 seconds.

Asap Science crunched the numbers to give averages of what could be happening each minute around the world.

And, in some cases, the numbers are staggering - in just a minute, the average adult man will lose about 96 million cells from his body, and Earth will complete 1800km of its journey around the sun.


In a single minute, people around the world watch 64,444 hours of Netflix, - and more than 83,000 people are having sex.

In the same time 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and people ask about 2.4 million questions on Google.

Around the world, people consume a total of 25 million Coca-Cola products in the span of a minute.

On a more personal level, the scientists also point to the many processes that happen in the human body.

The body produces about 120-180 million red blood cells in a minute.

While an adult male may lose 96 million cells in a minute, 96 million cells also divide during this time, replacing the ones that were lost.

And, foetuses develop neurons at a rate of 250,000 a minute, the scientists reveal.

In the United States, 1.5 people will get divorced each minute and around the world 116 will get married.

Another 108 people will die during this time.

As for births, 258 babies will be born in any given minute.

The Earth itself sees a fair share of activity in a single minute - enough rainfall to fill 4.7 billion bathtubs falls every minute worldwide, and about 6000 lightning bolts hit the surface.

At the same time, the sun beams down 83.33 terrawatts of energy, and the Earth travels 1800km of its 940,000,000km trek around the sun.