If you've ever spilled a glass of red wine over a white shirt or had your dark jeans run in the wash, you'll probably throw your hands up in frustration and pencil in a trip to the shops.

But you can make your clothes go the extra mile and undo damage with very clever hacks, using everyday items you already have in the cupboards.

From getting rid of stains with hand sanitiser to using hair conditioner to restore a shrunken jumper, these tips will ensure you're never faced with another wardrobe disaster, reports Daily Mail.

Reverse shrunken clothes

If you've managed to shrink your favourite woolly jumper in the washer or dryer, don't panic - there could still be life in it yet.
According to lifehacker, in order to restore your garment to its original size all you need to do is soak it in hot water with conditioner for five minutes and then gently stretch it back to its original size.


Remove red wine stains

It has long been an old wives tale but according to experts white wine really does help remove red wine stains.

D'Marge say white wine is known to dissolve the anthocyanin that gives its red counterpart its colour.

You should wash your clothes immediately afterwards with stain-removing detergent in order to prevent bleached stains.

Use a straw to retrieve hoodie drawstring

If you've lost the drawstring in a hoodie or pair of jogging bottoms fear not - as there is a way to get it back says lifehacker.

Simply thread the end of the string that is poking out into the straw.

Staple it together and ease the straw through so that you can retrieve it.

Treat smelly trainers

If you've worn your trainers too many times and they are beginning to smell, an effective hack is to use newspaper to get rid of the odour.

Lifehacker says to stuff your offending shoes full of the paper and it should soak up the damp odour in no time.


Shave your jumper

Jumpers can get bobbles on them over time but you can get rid of them quickly and easily with a razor.

Lifehacker say to be careful not to break the fabric but lightly graze the surface with the razor and they should disappear with ease.

You can also use sticky tape as a handy lint remover if you don't have a roller handy.

Hand sanitise your stains

Stubborn stains such as ink may not respond to detergent, however, hand sanitiser can help.

XoJane says all you need to do is apply a blob of hand sanitiser to the stain, let it soak and then rub it in. Repeat until the stain disappears.

Freeze your denim

Washing jeans too often can cause the colour to fade, but there is another option you can try instead say D'Marge.

If you put your jeans in the freezer overnight, it will get rid of any odour and the shade of the denim won't be affected.