Jarrad Fletcher's life changed the moment he had his first experience at Camp Twitch.

"Seeing your kids with other kids that understand, there's just no price you can put on that," says his mother, Jenny.

Jarrad, who lives with Tourette's, felt more confident than ever before. He decided he didn't have to hide the tics, that once so ashamed him, anymore.

"It's hard to sleep, it's irritating if you're trying to work, and you just keep twitching," says Jarrad.


Before Camp Twitch, Jenny Fletcher says her son would come home from school exhausted because he had been straining to hide his tics all day.

Now he doesn't shy away from life at school.

"I like doing design, science, and food tech - food tech is really fun."

Later that year, his family gifted him with his companion, Bailey.

"She was pre-trained from when we got her, so she knew some tricks. But we kept at it so she doesn't forget how to do them."

His experience at Camp Twitch was so life-changing, Jenny Fletcher says she wanted other children across the Bay to benefit from the experience.

"We want to be able to take other people with us, and we want to take the financial off people getting there."

Mrs Fletcher decided she and her family would hold a series of garage sales to raise money for her son, and other young people with Tourette's.

She says they have received numerous calls from local people, wanting to donate goods for the garage sales.

"We've been putting a lot of notices up on Neighbourly, and we've had some amazing donations from all sorts of people. Neighbours that have been moving, but particularly Neighbourly people - we either go and pick them up or they'll drop them off."

Jarrad and his mother have set up a Trade Me page to sell some of the larger sale items, under the name 'Tic-Tic-Booom'.

Mrs Fletcher is happy to hear from anyone wanting to support the fundraising effort on 027 770 6999.

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