It's not uncommon for people to stray in relationships - but it is rare that cheating is consequence free.

But a new thread on Reddit hears from men and women who did get away with infidelity, and who have revealed what eventually prompted them to put an end to an extra-marital affair, reported the Daily Mail.

User 13mera7 asked: "People who cheated while in a relationship and didn't get caught, did you stop? why or why not?"

It wasn't long before guilty parties came forward to confess the sordid details of their flings.


In many admissions people admitted they were overwhelmed by guilt and ended their affairs, while others said that they ended up leaving their original partner and are now much happier with their formerly forbidden love.

Of almost 2,000 people who took to the forum to confess, many admitted they remain with the partner they betrayed to to this day.

Some said that they strayed from their partner because it had been a long time since they were last physical, while others said cheating on their girlfriend gave them the push to break up with them - and they remain oblivious to it even now.

One honest user took to the forum to say that they cheated on the "love of their life" - and said they regret every moment of the indiscretion.

The cheater in question is now in a relationship with the person they cheated on their partner with and admit that they are "miserable through and through".

- Daily Mail