Always look where you're going.

That's the lesson we can take from this photo, which has been causing a flurry online ever since it was shared on Twitter by a PhD student in Florida.

Why? Because a hidden danger lurks in the apparently innocuous snap of fallen leaves.

Can you see it?


The leaves and twigs actually conceal a poisonous snake, and it's so well hidden that only the most eagle eyed will be able to spot it.

Helen, posting under the Twitter handle @SssnakeySci, shared the snap with the caption: "Can you spot the snake?"

It has garnered hundreds of likes as frustrated social media users tried to find where the sneaky creature was hiding.

Helen eventually put her followers out of their misery, sharing the photo a second time, this time revealing where the Copperhead snake was hiding.

She caption it: "If y'all haven't found it yet..."

The student wrote: "Copperhead, aka Agkistrodon contortrix. Cute but venomous, so no touchy!"

Copperhead snakes are relatively common in North America. They're also among some of the most likely to bite - though their venom is relatively mild.