A dating website for married people and those who are in a relationship has revealed men pay for sex out of "necessity".

The site Victoria Milan, which boasts clients worldwide, studied more than 6,000 married men and found that paying for sex is a common and often frequent habit for men who are looking to cheat.

Close to half the men surveyed, 47.3 per cent, had paid for sex before, Mamamia reported.

Almost a quarter of men, 23.3 per cent, paid for sex once a week.


Sigurd Vedal, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan said "men need sex".

"Men engaging escorts is a love/hate relationship,' he said. "Men love sex and need to have it regularly and escorts meet that demand."

Thirty five per cent of men soliciting sex didn't see the experience as a 'pleasure' but as a "necessary sexual release".

For those men who hire an escort, 80 per cent said they book for the minimum time possible, which is usually an hour, "to get it over and done with".

The main reasons listed in the survey responses for married men wanting to cheat were there was not an available person (40.1 per cent) and being unable to fulfill sexual fantasies with their long-term partner (36.0 per cent).

Sydney-based escort Lana Jade previously spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the reasons why some of her clients choose to pay for sex.

"Men see sex workers for no one particular reason, some are lacking intimacy in their relationships, perhaps their wives don't want to have sex or don't have the time, but they still love their wives so to fill the sexual quota they need they choose, a no strings attached paid encounter," she explained.

"The biggest preconceived idea is the entire booking time is made up of sex," the 28-year-old said.

"The extended bookings of three hours or more are a lot less about sex and more about connection."