Going sugar-free has never been more popular.

But as anyone who has tried it will know, ditching the stuff can be easier said than done.

Celebrity personal trainer and bestselling Clean and Lean author, James Duigan, recently shared his simple ways to cut sugar from your diet, according to Daily Mail.

According to James - who owns the elite wellness club, Bodyism, in London - sugar cravings often come about from a lack of protein and fat.


To combat this he advises people to have protein and a little fat with every meal.

"Darker meats like beef and lamb, chicken thighs, liver etc contain more purines (specific chemical compounds found in some food) which make them more filling and therefore reduce sugar cravings," he told whimn.

Try incorporating a darker meat into your diet every once in a while, and you should find you won't be as hungry straight after a meal.

James's second tip is to try a glutamine supplement, available from most health stores.

According to the trainer, this will reduce sugar cravings as well as help with your overall gut health.

For those looking for a natural way to regulate blood sugar levels, James recommends chromium - which can be found in "eggs, nuts, mushrooms and asparagus".

Sprinkle them through your lunch or dinner for a sugar-suppressing boost.

James's final tip to help people to cut sugar is stop thinking of it as your friend.

"Sugar is an unhealthy toxin that will make you fat and increase your chances of getting sick. It will break down the collagen in your skin and give you premature lines and wrinkles," he said.

Not only will sugar make you more hungry, James said, but it will also make you feel constantly tired and sluggish.

"Sugar is not your friend. Yep, sugar is a b**ch who is trying to ruin your life and steal your boyfriend," he concluded.