A plus-size blogger has defended underwear selfies on Instagram after some claimed they were "attention-seeking".

Jasmine Grimes, 24, shared a photo of herself in a bra and panties on her Instagram account earlier this month, explaining this type of photos once helped her embrace her body shape, reports the Daily Mail.

The body-positive advocate and blogger, based in the Bay Area, recounted how she used to scroll through Instagram looking for pictures of other women with the same body type as hers, and urged others to share their own photos in a bid to bring more diversity to social media.

"Over the last few weeks, I have seen so many people discount the importance of a good underwear selfie, and I don't think that's right," she wrote.


"Many people have touted how important being confident in your own skin in the real world is, and they are right. There's something magical about a fat girl flaunting her curves unapologetically in clothes that others would say only belongs to a certain body type because it inspires others to do the same, just like an underwear selfie."

Seeing bodies of all shapes and sizes, Grimes added, can change other people's mindsets.

"Photos have the ability to change and shape people's perceptions of things, which is why more visibility of fat bodies is so important," she wrote.

"If a single image can change people's perceptions, then what do you think a photo of a fat girl in lingerie can do?"

The blogger, who left two "very safe and stable" jobs last year to dedicate her time to creative projects, then recounted how looking at other women's underwear selfies had empowered her and prompted her to post her own photos.

"I used to scour Instagram for photos women who had my body type showing it off because it inspired me to do the same. It allowed me to see someone with stretch marks and cellulite, and rolls and say 'I look like that too'," she added.

"It's important for people to see themselves represented so that way we can encourage the next generation to be more unapologetic than the last."

Grimes told Refinery29 she spoke out in defense of underwear selfies after seeing several comments accusing other women who had shared them of seeking attention.

"I didn't think that that's it at all," she told the website. "Women post underwear selfies to celebrate their bodies and to inspire other women to try and be as brave."

Her photo has now received more than 700 likes, as well as comments calling her beautiful and inspirational.

"Seeing other bodies like mine, and completely different truly helped me normalize my own body," one person wrote in a comment. "They gave me the confidence to continue spreading the message in my own Instagram now. Thank you!"

The blogger, who would like to see more "cellulite, dimples, scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation" in un-retouched photos, hopes plus-size bodies continue becoming more visible.

"I have always wondered why a lot of websites have twenty pages of straight-size clothes and two for plus-size," she said.

"They need to realize that plus-size women want to wear the same clothes as their straight-size counterparts. If they could find a way to change that, then I think it would make a world of difference."