A family who decided to release their pet budgie into the wild were left horrified when their pet dog immediately snapped the bird in its jaws.

Along with the 10-second video clip, Mexican mixed martial artist Maritza Sanchez wrote on Twitter: "We decided to let our bird go and this happened..."

In the clip, the family count down: "One, two, three!" and release the bird who flaps its wings but instantly falls to the ground, reports Daily Mail.

The little dog immediately catches the budgie in its jaws and runs off with it.


The horrified children scream at the sight and chase after the very naughty pet.

Ms Sanchez also uploaded a picture of the bird who was sadly killed in the mishap.
The clip has been shared and liked more than 100,000 times since being uploaded.

Most viewers were traumatized by the unfortunate episode.

One person wrote: "That's so sad!"

Another commenter asked: "Why are you releasing a pet bird? They aren't able to survive in the wild. Can barely fly."