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We put our team of hot cross bun experts to the test to see if they could tell the difference between a gourmet or budget-brand baked hot cross bun and ultimately to find out whether paying that bit extra for the fancier type is really worth it.

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The taste test

George was the Simon Cowell of hot cross buns, already going in not expecting to like any of the buns.

Emma, our resident greenie, was hoping to fall in love with the organic option but was unknowingly quoted as saying it tasted like "nothing special".


Mac, the bargain-huntsman of the panel, kept the group grounded, always weighing up the price over quality and taste.

Moist sticky buns. Can't beat it!! 😍😍😍 #miann

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The final verdict

The most expensive chocolate option was on target to be the clear winner but in the end was overthrown by an unlikely opponent.