An "ungrateful" teen from the United States is copping backlash on social media over a message exchanged with her mother on her birthday.

The Mirror reported 17-year-old Jenna Flugeman, from Cincinnati, Ohio, received a text message from her mother saying she had arranged for a special Snapchat filter to be set up around the teen's high school.

The filter, which anyone at the location can use, puts a stamp at the bottom of pictures reading: "Jenna's 17th Birthday. 03.30.17".

But the teen was mortified when she received the message, asking her mother: "Why would you do that?"


Her mother asked if she was mad, but then got frustrated.

"Sheesh, thought you would like it. I guess I just can't do anything right. Whatever," she replied.

The exchange has sparked a storm on social media as users grill the teen over her "ungrateful" response, with one user saying she should feel ashamed.

Others started texting their mothers appreciative messages.

The teen then sent another tweet defending herself, writing: "For anyone who's wondering I obviously thanked my mom for it and it was very thoughtful but I didn't want that attention from my whole school. People will talk about it either way, If I wanted the Snapchat filter I was full of myself if I didn't want it I was ungrateful. You can't please everyone."