Easter is a little under two weeks away, which means most of us are probably dusting off our running shoes to go toe-to-toe with toddlers hunting for chocolate Easter eggs.

One American woman was doing exactly that when she allegedly fell over and suffered "serious injuries" at an overcrowded Easter egg hunt held on March 26 last year reports news.com.au

According to documents obtained by ABC News a woman named Rachel Townsend from the US state of Oregon, has filed a lawsuit against both the venue The Aerie at Eagle Landing and the event planning company Red Shoe Productions for her injuries.

She alleges that when the Easter egg hunt started, a number of older children and people who had not paid to attend rushed the hunting area, which caused her to get shoved in the back and fall to the ground.


The fall allegedly caused her to sustain injuries of a torn meniscus in her left knee, a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, as well as sprains and strains.

Despite the egg hunt advertised as being held at the venue's golf course, Townsend's lawsuit also alleges the defendants were negligent by setting up the hunt "on a sloped and uneven surface".

Because of her injuries, Townsend is now suing for the amount of $160,000NZD, which includes the $13,400 she paid for medical expenses and the $4200 she lost for not working.

Despite the lawsuit against the venue and company, this year's event seems to be going ahead with their event page boasting over 20,000 eggs to be hunted.

ABC News also spoke to another woman Cassandra Ashby who had attended the event last year, describing it as "a madhouse".

"When we lined up for the egg hunt, my son was five at the time, and there were parents running out on the field opening the eggs," Cassandra Ashby told the publication.

"Only the kids were supposed to enter the area where the eggs were and there were parents that didn't abide by that," she added.

Both defendants The Aerie at Eagle Landing and Red Shoe Productions did not respond to a request for comment.