Sometimes when you're making a salad, it's easier to buy a bag of freshly washed lettuce leaves rather than preparing it yourself.

But we've all found ourselves throwing away an open bag half full of wilting leftover leaves a couple of days later.

Fortunately, food blogger Marie Saba, from Austin, Texas, has come up with a handy trick to keep it fresh for longer - and all you need is a paper towel, reports the Daily Mail.

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She took to her Instagram to show that all you need to do when you've opened the lettuce is simply pop a paper towel into the bag.

Explaining her clever hack on Instagram, Maria wrote: "When you get home with bagged greens, cut open the bag and put a paper towel inside.

Somebody commented on the video saying this trick "works like a charm", while another said "great idea! I hate when they get slimy."

Others tagged people in the comments section of the blogger's post to spread the word about the handy kitchen hack.