Meet Sebastian, a French bulldog, and Luna, his Pomeranian paramour.

The four-legged lovers are stars of the Instagram account Sebastian Loves Luna, run by their owner, photographer Emily Abril.

Ms Abril told BuzzFeed the dogs got engaged last June (details of how this took place are regrettably sketchy) - and the event was celebrated last weekend with an engagement photoshoot in Washington DC, timed to coincide with the bloom of the city's famous cherry blossom trees, reports The Telegraph.

Ms Abril told BuzzFeed that the dogs, who have over 60,000 followers on Instagram, "are already like an old married couple."


"They are, simply put, fashionistas in love in DC," she added. "Luna adores Sebastian completely even when he sometimes doesn't return the affection.

"He also is very much her protector and will push other dogs out of her way if they get to close to her."

Sebastian and Luna's wedding has been pencilled in for either autumn 2017 or spring 2018.