After dropping a whopping 44kg in time for her wedding, 24 year-old Texan and now Instagram star Haley Smith wants to help you transform your body.

It all began when Haley came face to face with her "embarrassing" proposal photos.

Humiliated and horrified by what 125kg looked like, Haley vowed to turn things around in time for the next round of commemorative snaps - her wedding photos. And so, she set off to do whatever it took to make that a reality.

Haley's proposal photo (left) and wedding snap (right). Photo / Instagram.
Haley's proposal photo (left) and wedding snap (right). Photo / Instagram.

According to The Sun, her first port of call was to swap the junk food for more fruit and vegetables.


She also began exercising twice a day and says previous concerns that plagued her health, like excessive perspiring and pain in her joints, have virtually disappeared.

Gaining a 92.9k strong following, the Instagram star now wants to use her experience to help those who were just like her.

In an interview with Women's Health, Haley shared what she deemed the five secrets to her success.

Here are Haley's top tips for weight loss:

Small changes matter

Haley swears by the little but much more doable diet changes. To get to her goal, she greatly decreased the number of times she ate out and made sure she wasn't snacking after 8pm.

Move your body

The fitness enthusiast says exercising in three half hour chunks each week was all it took to see a change. Using the Couch to 5K app, Haley started running and, before long, was increasing her distance.

Stay strong in your resolve

Encouraging those with a big change ahead of them to hang in there, Haley explained that her Instagram following has played a huge role in keeping her steadfast on her journey.

Celebrate the wins

For those who've done the hard yards, Haley believes you should reap - and enjoy - the rewards. Since changing her lifestyle, she has noticed more than just positive physical effects of working out and eating well: her confidence has also received a much-needed boost.

"Now, when I go on vacations, I don't have to sit things out because I feel too uncomfortable or literally can't do something. I feel so much more in-control of my life," she told The Sun.

Good things take time

According to Haley, taking things slowly is necessary. While speedy, dramatic changes are attractive, they may not be permanent.

Haley's wedding day was the motivation she needed to get in shape. Photo / Instagram.
Haley's wedding day was the motivation she needed to get in shape. Photo / Instagram.

She explained that, "Because this is a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix, you have to be able to make those small, habit-breaking changes little by little."