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First dates are always a gamble. They can either go really well or horribly wrong.
And there's always that slight worry of being rejected or having to be the one to ask that dreaded question: "Could we just be friends?"

And that's exactly what a girl texted this Reddit user after their first date - and before things turned really sour.

After their date the guy sent the girl a polite text to say, "it was really great meeting you last night."


She replied, telling him that she "didn't see him as a romantic partner" and then dropped the notorious "but I hope we can be friends" line.

And assuming everything would be fine and they would remain friends, the man replied: "I felt the same way, so I'm really glad you said that."

Little did he know that their fresh "friendship" would be over in a matter of seconds after this.

The Reddit user who goes by the name of ToastedCookieOats, shared the string of bizarre texts saying, "Today after a first date. I guess I'm not allowed to not like her?"

And, well, you can check out the hilariously odd exchange for yourself, below.''

OK, I don't think she understands that he's on the same
OK, I don't think she understands that he's on the same "lets be friends" page.
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