After years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, an Ohio couple has welcomed a healthy baby boy in to the world - but their journey to conceive is unlike most others.

Chris and Amy Rehs-Dupin believed they had exhausted all their options, trying five times to conceive via sperm donors.

But the pair were left heartbroken as they came to realise they may never be able to complete their family.

That is until husband Chris, who is transgender and has identified as a male since his early 20s, decided to step in.


"I'm not sure if I didn't want to or if I thought I wasn't supposed to, being transgender, and of course I was very nervous about it and worried what people would say." Chris told PA.

It wasn't all smooth sailing from here though. After Chris decided to try and fall pregnant via a sperm donor, the couple experienced a miscarriage before finally conceiving.

"The first time we let ourselves get excited about it was when he went to see the midwife and got to hear her heartbeat," Chris said.

Childbirth was no walk in the park, with Chris stating: "There is nothing dainty about childbirth. There is nothing about it that involves, you know, lipstick and high heels. It was real work, and I am proud to say I did it."

The couple was thrilled to welcome baby Hayden in to the world. And since the arrival of their first, Amy has given birth to their second child, Milo, through fertility treatment.