A beauty queen wannabe has been left red-faced after her blatant disappointment at coming second in a contest was caught on camera.

Vanessa Dominguez is shown on camera nervously awaiting the results of the Miss Colombia semi-finals.

But to her obvious surprise she isn't announced the winner and the title goes instead to her her fellow contestant Laura Gonzalez.

It is at that moment that the cameraman decides to zoom in on Miss Dominguez's face which, despite her best efforts, is a picture of disappointment and fury.

She looks to the floor and composes herself before giving winner Miss Gonzalez an obligatory congratulatory hug.


Unfortunately for Miss Dominguez she was unsuccessful at covering up her true emotions and viewers immediately latched on to it, creating memes of her funny reaction.

One meme-maker laid the words "I hate you all" on top of the still of Miss Dominguez's face.

Her livid look was also compared to Lisa Simpson in a bad mood, a reproachful looking dog and a scowling old lady.

Laura Gonzalez Ospina has been crowned Miss Colombia 2017.

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