New Zealand paramedic student Riley Hemson describes herself as "just a huge girl trying to get some abs" on her Instagram page.

The 21-year-old's starting weight was 114kg and she has lost 25kg in a year. She hopes to reach her goal of 70kg by the end of her weight loss journey.

With almost 24,000 supporters on social media cheering her on, Hemson regularly posts "Transformation Tuesday" photos to show her incredible progression.

"My weight loss journey stopped and started many times. I was overweight as a child and I can't remember ever not worrying about my weight," she told Daily Mail Australia.


"For me sharing my journey was about accountability and I knew as soon as I started my account I absolutely had to stick to what I set out to achieve.

"I never actually thought it would be something I would enjoy. What I'm doing is not a diet or a chore anymore, it's just my life now and I love it."

As a vegetarian and full-time university student the 21-year-old doesn't stick to an exercise or eating plan but prefers to check in with her body along the way and access what she needs.

"I've mainly just cut out junk food. I eat mainly veggies and I workout at least five times a week, incorporating a mixture of weight lifting, high intensity interval training and circuit training into my routine," she said.

But she certainly doesn't slacken off day-to-day when it's time to hit the gym.

"I think it's about staying organised and prioritising things.

"If I've got assignments due I will put that above exercise but sometimes it's as easy as getting up an hour earlier to fit it in.

"I haven't done anything drastic. This wasn't a crash diet. If I feel like hot chips, I'll have them. It's all about realising a treat is just that - a treat. And these foods need to be limited.

"Healthy eating is not as difficult as I once thought. It's really just about making the right choices. With exercise, I think it's important to find something you enjoy doing.

"For example I hate running long distance - so I've found other ways of getting in my cardio that I don't absolutely hate.

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"I used to get sick of people saying there aren't any shortcuts but I've learnt it's just the truth.

"Many people ask me what my tips and tricks are and it really just comes down to healthy eating and exercise. No one wants to hear that but it's true," she said.