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Nine o'clock on a Monday morning seemed like the perfect time for the NZH Lifestyle team to do a wine tasting. Just kidding. But not really.

When we were given the opportunity to taste test some red wines and have a go at making our own blend with the Scott Base Pinot Project created by Allan Scott Family Winemakers for punters to create their own signature vino at home, we couldn't say no, even though it was the very beginning of the working week.

Introduced to us by winemaker Josh Scott, the pack includes four different bottles of pinot noir, with three different "clones". The clones have their own flavour profiles while the fourth is a reserve wine blended by the brand from the clones.


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To infuse a bit of fun into your next dinner party, the idea is to do a taste test of all the clones then create your own unique blend. The reserve wine seems to be there to compare with your blend which, as we found out, will not be as good.

Meet the volunteers

• Wine enthusiast Mary who "drinks wine enthusiastically".
• Wine amateur George who thinks "wine originates from supermarkets".

How it works

Josh takes Mary and George through a taste test of the different clones before letting them mix their own, then compare them to the Scott reserve blend.

Taste test one: Clone 5, The Fruity One

Mary's verdict: "That's really fruity, that's really good."
George's verdict: "Sure, what she said."

Mary tips her wine in to a spare glass.
George takes a swig.

Taste test two: Clone 777, The Sexy One

Mary's verdict: "Ohh, that is a bit sexy."
George looks decidedly sexier upon taking a sip.

Step 3: Taste test three, Clone 10/5, The Oaky One

Mary's verdict: "That's a lot drier."
George's verdict: "It's a lot drier."

Mary tips her wine in to a spare glass.
George finishes his glass.

Step 4: Make your own blend

They've tasted all the clones. Now it's time for our volunteers to make their own blends based on the flavours that most appealed to them.

Mary's mix:

50 per cent sexy, 40 per cent fruity, and 10 per cent oaky.

George's mix:

A generous pour of "this guy" (the fruity one), 30 per cent sexy, and a dash of "the other friend" (the oaky one).

Taste test five: The Reserve

After making their own blends, Mary and George try the reserve offering, aka, the pro's concoction.

George's verdict: "The three wines have linked hands and become friends in my mouth."

Off camera, Mary tips her excess wine in to a spare glass.
George swigs his back.

The final verdict

The amateur and the enthusiast are united in their thoughts on blending your own wine.

Mary's verdict: "It's totally something I would do with friends."
George's verdict: "I'm a big fan."
(No surprises there, George).

• Disclaimer: We do not recommend drinking heavily or drinking at work like George did. Don't be like George.