iD Dunedin Fashion Week organisers have distanced themselves from an after-party function featuring former prime minister John Key's son, DJ Max Key.

The inclusion of Max Key in advertising for the after-party for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards at Octagon venue Vault 21 created an uproar on social media yesterday.

Dunedin people, some associated with the fashion week, expressed outrage over the news.

In response, iD said the after-party was ''an associated event hosted by Vault 21, and the choice of DJ was made independently by the organisers of this event''.


''We will take your feedback on board and discuss with Vault 21.''

Yesterday an iD spokeswoman said Vault 21 was the Dunedin venue for Max Key's national tour.

That ''happened to coincide'' with the March 23 after-party.

''Vault 21's official after-party period ... is from 10pm to 12pm.

''Max Key won't be playing as part of that.''

Last night, iD Dunedin Fashion committee chairwoman Cherry Lucas said said Key ''won't be playing'' at the after-party.

''He's not part of the iD awards after-party''.

Vault 21 owner Andre Shi confirmed Max Key's show was not part of the iD event ''at all''.