An Australian man has described his horror over the moment he realised his ex-lover had emailed the couple's home made porn to his boss.

Along with nude images, the man, who has requested anonymity, initially had his homemade porn uploaded to Facebook in an act of revenge by his former lover. The lover then proceeded to send more explicit images directly to Mr A's mother and family and tagged friends, clients and work colleagues in the Facebook posts.

"The phone started going nuts. My friends were calling and asking if I was aware about what was going on," Mr A told

"While I wasn't around he [the ex] had accessed my Dropbox, Facebook, email and other social media. The worst was when my mother called up and told me she didn't need to see me having sex."


Mr A said it took a few weeks after the pair split before the ex began to post his naked images on Facebook. They were only taken down when Mr A agreed to see him in person.

When Mr A saw the ex in person, the ex fractured Mr A's eye socket. He was later charged and found guilty for assault accessioning actual bodily harm.

Following the altercation, the ex uploaded the couple's home made porn to YouTube and sent links and images to Mr A's mother and family.

At 2.30am the next morning, while Mr A was in casualty with the fractured eye socket, the ex emailed Mr A's boss and colleagues images and a copy of the Youtube link comprising the home made porn.

The ex also published Mr A's phone number and address to online dating sites and requested people unknown to Mr A to visit.

"While the images were taken down off Facebook mostly within a few hours, the email to my work was not able to be retracted," Mr A said.

"The damage by then was done. In one way it's good because there's nothing hidden about me any more, but on the same token, my job, my ability to perform, has nothing to do with who I sleep with. I wasn't hired because of who I sleep with, I was hired because of what I do, and it makes it difficult."

Mr A said he couldn't pinpoint a reason why the ex-lover had committed such an act, saying "no explanation rationalises it or makes sense of it".

"This isn't high school revenge. I went to bed every night not wanting to wake up the next morning. I just didn't want to deal with it."

Despite the group email, Mr A's work and boss were remarkably supportive, replying 'this says nothing about Mr A and everything about you'.

Colleagues were counselled and Mr A retained his job. "Their response was amazingly good, you couldn't want for better," Mr A said.

It comes as the Office of the eSafety Commissioner warns that online crime is a "global phenomenon".

A 2015 report found 10 per cent of Australians reported that someone had posted online or sent onto others a nude or semi-nude image of them without their permission.

Last month, exposed a number of vile blogs that were publishing photos of Aussies without their knowledge while they were naked, at the gym or in a public toilet.

The blogs, hosted by social networking site Tumblr, contain pictures of men in major cities including Sydney and Melbourne who have been filmed without their knowledge.