A jack russell left commentators in stitches after he went 'totally crazy' during the agility round at Crufts.

The terrier named Olly appeared with his handler Karen in the agility arena of the world famous dog show on Sunday.

The rescue dog who has now been re-homed was remembered for all the wrong reasons after he failed to take any instruction from Karen.

Dogs make their way around a set of obstacles with points scored through accuracy of the tricks performed and time in which the course is completed.


However, it is unlikely that Olly and Karen from the Blue Cross in Hertfordshire were left with many points after his performance.

Olly can be seen falling off obstacles, making errors during tricks and skipping parts of the course all together, much to the amusement of the Channel 4 commentator.

Through his laughter he says: "Wrong way! Oh well doesn't really matter.

"He is an absolute handful. (He is) totally crazy and as you can see he's having a ball. He loves life and exercise."

Despite her headstrong dog Karen continues to attempt to complete the course which is applauded by the commentators.

During the performance he says: "Well done the blue cross, persevere, first catch your dog".

The clip of the show has been shared on YouTube where it has received almost 800,000 views.

Crufts came to a close yesterday with the prestigious Best in Show winner who was announced as American Cocker Spaniel Miami Ink.

Judge Jeff Horswell handed the award to the two-year-old pup from Blackpool who was handled by Jason Lynn, from Preston on Sunday.

Other finalists included Alan the lakeland terrier, Frosty the grand basset griffon vendeen from the Netherlands, Kagayaki the Yorkshire terrier and Bentley the Newfoundland, also known as MerryBear D'Artagnan.

More than 22,000 dogs have taken part in the 2017 competition, with the most popular entry among labrador retrievers.