They call it the "trillion dollar industry", so perhaps it was only a matter of time before wellness - and the obsession that comes with all things "clean" - moved into the sex market, too.

But from lubricants made from coconut oil to vegan condoms, crystal sex toys and even an aphrodisiac made from cannabis oil, clean sex has never been bigger.

The Daily Mail's FEMAIL takes a look at the new, all-natural products to hit the sustainable sex shelves. Would you use them?


Late last year, Bernadette Finney, 46, from Sydney, launched Australia's first completely natural personal lubricant, Private, with the help of her daughters, 24 and 22.


Private is made from pure coconut oil and came about because Ms Finney and her family started using coconut oil cooking spray, before turning their new healthy approach to other areas of their life.

"We're constantly talking about ways we can lead a healthier life through the food we consume and the exercise we do, but what about healthier sex lives?," Ms Finney told Daily Mail Australia.

"Most lubricants are laden with chemicals and we didn't find anything like this on the market."

Private coconut oil retails for AUD $24.95 online. It is described as "a purified coconut oil lube that is non-sticky, non-greasy and non-judgmental".


As the third-fastest-growing vegan market in the world, it's safe to say that Australia has a lot of time for veganism.

But former Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist, Dustin Leonard, spotted a rather unusual gap in the market, when he launched a new line in his range of HERO condoms, which are both 'natural' and made with a 'plant-based' lubricant.

Mr Leonard previously told Daily Mail Australia that his vegan condoms contain no animal products or byproducts and have not been tested on animals, while the lubricant is "PH balanced, petrochemical and paraben free and vegan".

"Some condoms and lubricants include an animal protein which is also used to thicken and congeal some foods and other products," he said.


"Some lubricants are packed with parabens and other non-friendly ingredients which are commonly used in cosmetics as preservatives to prevent bacterial overgrowth," Mr Leonard added.

HERO Condoms start at $7.99 online.


Crystals - whether they're rose quartz, jades, onyxes or moonstones - are having a moment right now, and this moment is not immune to the sex industry.

Rosie Rees, from Perth in Western Australia, sells both crystal dildos and yoni eggs (a small egg-shaped crystal designed to help strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscle).

Her products come in everything from amethyst to clear quartz and Indian jade.

"As a collective, women are awakening to the power of their sexual energy and thus are being more conscious of what they put inside their bodies," Ms Rees told Daily Mail Australia.

"Working with a natural crystal pleasure wand (straight from from Mother Earth), awakens an innate primal energy from within and amplifies feelings, emotions, sensations and sexual energy, whilst also helping to release any unwanted negative energy from the area."

The products are said to not only help with people's sex lives, but also assist with other things.

Depending on what you buy, your crystal could help with positive thinking, luck, change, balance or harmony.

The crystals start at $60 online, and Ms Rees notes that her best-selling product is the Rose Quartz Crystal Pleasure Wand.

"This shows that a lot of women want to infuse more self love, compassion, forgiveness, femininity and tenderness into themselves," she said.

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Elsewhere in the clean sex industry, it's easy to find anything from biodegradable vibrators to "a natural sensual enhancement oil" made from cannabis oil.

Last year Australian online adult retailer, Mimi De Luxe, introduced the world's first biodegradable vibrator to their store.

Called the Gaia Echo, the vibrator is made from a bioplastic that comes from cornstarch.

According to the website, "Gaia Eco is a classic vibrator design, however unlike most classic vibrators, Gaia Eco will not leave a substantial carbon footprint long after you've enjoyed your product".

It retails for $44.95 online.

Last but not least is Foria's Pleasure Spray bottles - "a natural sensual enhancement oil" designed specifically for women and made from cannabis oil.

"FORIA Pleasure is hand-crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant - one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world - using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity," the website reads.

Foria Pleasure spray retails for $44 online.