Spectacular footage has emerged of the moment a surfer was body slammed by a dolphin on the Gold Coast.

The video shows a surfer resting on his board as he prepares for a suitable wave to ride.

As the surfer readies himself for a large wave forming behind him, a dolphin commits the ultimate surfing sin by "dropping-in" on the man, according to Daily Mail.

Suddenly emerging from behind the surfer, the dolphin launches out of the sea and into the air.


The dolphin can be seen spectacularly hanging in the air for a moment as it twists and flicks its tail.

To the amazement of onlookers, the dolphin provides the surfer with a freak body slam by landing squarely on top of him.

A witness onshore who filmed the video can be heard shouting in disbelief as the dolphin lands and causes a large splash.

"It just hit that guy, no way," the shocked witness said.

The man can be seen swiftly reappearing on the other side of the wave after the clash.

Neither the surfer or the dolphin were injured in the collision, according to 9 News.