From half-finished jars of sauce to forgotten fruit, our fridges are often packed with food destined for the dustbin.

But according to the Daily Mail, there are some very clever ways you can make the most of your leftovers - and save yourself some time and money in the process.

A list of inspired leftover hacks compiled by Refinery 29 includes tips on transforming wilted greens into a delicious breakfast and using up banana peel in a fruity curry.


Nobody wants to eat gone off greens, but if they are just a day or two past their prime they are still worth using.


Spinach and kale can be cooked and used as a side dish, or for a delicious breakfast with some scrambled egg, oil and a little garlic.


Instead of throwing away your fruit after it begins to go soft, blitz it in the blender to create a nutritious smoothie instead.

If you don't have enough to make a smoothie just yet, bag and freeze the leftover fruit until you do - this has the added bonus of making your smoothie deliciously chilled when you do make it.


Those hard around the edges lumps of cheese left in the cellophane after you've sliced your way through the block? Don't throw them away.

Melting the cheese will make it appealing again - gather the odds and ends to grill in a toasted sandwich.

And if you're down to just the rind of a hard block of cheese then freeze it for stock.


If cut up finely, banana peel can be added to an Indian curry for flavour. Photo / Pexels
If cut up finely, banana peel can be added to an Indian curry for flavour. Photo / Pexels

As bizarre as it sounds, banana peels can, in fact, be eaten if chopped finely, and can even be added to Indian curry dishes for a flavour boost.


Avocados have a very small ripeness window so don't be surprised if it is already turning slightly brown by the time you cut it in half.

Instead of throwing it away, use the stone to make some avocado tea by chopping it into chunks, placing them in a strainer and adding boiled water.


Any recipe that requires nuts probably won't call for the entire pack. To prevent waste, make yourself some sweet, healthy and protein-packed snacks by adding in a few raisins, sultanas or dried fruit.

You can also add leftover nuts to salads for a bit of crunch and texture.


Rather than throwing away wilting herbs, you can make a delicious pesto with the help of some more leftovers in the form of nuts and olive oil.

Blitz the lot in a blender and serve with some bread for dipping.


Why waste bread when it can be used to make croutons? Simply toss bits of bread into olive oil and seasoning and bake at 350° until they begin to turn brown.


A lot of us are guilty of opening a fresh jar of sauce, using half of it on a new recipe and then forgetting to use the rest.

Months later, we discover the half-used jar with a thin layer of fuzzy mould on top and it is untouchable.

To prevent this happening, use the sauce for other easy-to-make meals like chilli con carne, or add it to a pan and poach some eggs in the sauce for a Middle Eastern-inspired breakfast.


Don't peel a potato and throw away the skin. Fill the skins with grated cheese and cooked bacon and bake in the oven for a tasty starter.

You can also fry them and use them as a crunchy topping for various meals.


If after making a meal you have stock leftover then don't simply pour it away.

It can be used to make a simple soup or with some cooked rice noodles you have yourself an easy ramen. Add in some fresh vegetables, an egg and you're set.


Instead of throwing away the tops of carrots, use the greens for soup stock. This also works with foods like celery and fennel tops.

You'll still throw them away at a later date but at least they will have been put to good use beforehand and added some flavour to your meals.