If you've tried every diet in the book and are still struggling to shift those kilos, an outspoken weightloss expert believes he's found the answer.

British TV health pundit Steve Miller, who has been dubbed "the Simon Cowell of slimming" because of his unconventional weightloss methods, claims the secret to losing weight is having an affair with a slim person.

He claims that most obese people are comfort eating because they are in a "dead relationship."

Hypnotherapist Mr Miller, host of TV show Fat Families, says an affair with a new healthy partner could be exactly what they need to slim down.


He says an affair will not only help them to lose weight but also to regain their self esteem and health - and he warns against the many diseases that are associated with being obese.

He believes many overweight people would find health benefits through cheating on their partners.

He also claims many obese people don't even realise they are in dangerous relationships with 'feeders', who encourage them to eat fatty junk food in a bid to make them gain even more weight.

He says many of these so-called feeders are actually chronically insecure themselves and secretly want their partners to become obese so they become more dependent upon them.

Now he is sensationally calling on fat people to dump their partners and start a new relationship instead - but warns that their new partner mustn't be overweight.

He said: "I see a lot of clients who are fat because they are in a relationship that is dull, habitual and sex free.

"A lot of the reason we get fat is because we are in relationships with those we shouldn't be. We turn to food to fill the void.

"Partners can also become feeders because they are controlling bullies living in fear we may leave them for someone else.

"Yes the dreary partner you are with is a killer in disguise because feeding yourself to create comfort will probably trigger cancer, stroke and heart disease.

"I am calling on the people of Britain to get ballsy, have an affair and take steps to end a dead relationship for the sake of becoming fat free.

"Don't feel guilty for having an affair, go create excitement with a new lover and see yourself depending less on food for comfort.

"Tell the feeder you live with that it's over immediately and make arrangements to leave them.

"But be choosy as you move on and find new love. If they are fat then beware as they will probably be a feeder. Instead seek out the slim alternative."