Sometimes life's lessons come from those with the least experience.

The story of two five-year-old boys from Kentucky, one white and one black, is teaching people about racial harmony.

The story exploded online when the mother of Jax, the white boy, posted on Facebook about how her son wanted to get his haircut like his black buddy, Reddy, so they could trick their teacher.

The boys believe if they have the same haircut, their teacher won't be able to tell them apart.


WAVE-TV followed Jax to his haircut, and he and Reddy giggle and goof around as Jax gets his hair shaved off.

This morning Jax and I were discussing his wild hair. I told him that he needed a haircut this weekend. He said that...

Posted by Lydia Stith Rosebush on Friday, 24 February 2017

In the video, Reddy sums it all up: "Jax's me ... and I'm Jax."

Jax's mother says she is glad people can "see what little kids see."

"It's really cool to see that move on from our family right into his relationships with his friends," Kevin Weldon, Reddy's father, said.

"There's an innocence children have that sometimes we lose. If we could get some of that back, I think it would be amazing."

Reddy and his older brother Enock were born in Africa. They were two- and four-years-old when they were adopted by Mr Weldon, pastor of Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, and his wife Debbie.

The Weldons are white. "My sons do not look like me... but we are family all the same," Mr Weldon said.

"We share the same last name, love each other with all we have, and are a forever family. One day when I am gone, they will inherit all that I have and carry on our family name."